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Hexadecimal Clocks in Javascript (to be updated)

  • Posted on: 10 January 2015

Hexadecimal clocks are pretty cool. They just take the hours, minutes and seconds of the current time, and concantenate them to form a hexadecimal color. We can do whatever we want with the color, I suppose. For example, if the time were 11:14:45, we would display the color #111445.

This is the 'classic' hexadecimal clock, which was described above. I have reproduced it here:
Original Hex. Clock

Here's a slightly different mapping. In this mapping, we use a 12-hour/am/pm clock, and use the hexadecimal equiavlent of the hours for the red digts in the hex color. For example, 11:14:45 am maps to #0B1445. Here it is:
Hex. Clock - Hex Hours Representation.