Tutorial: using cURLcpp to Create a C++ Web Reader in Ubuntu

  • Posted on: 8 March 2015

In this article, we're going to create a C++ application with cURLcpp that reads a webpage and prints the HTML source to stdout.

I wanted to try cURLcpp as opposed to the tried and usually true cURLpp, mostly for fun.

The bulk of the article is really a "for-dummies" guide to setting up your environment to do so. I won't really go into detail about how to use cURL or cURLcpp. In fact, we're just going to compile the first example from the cURLcpp readme. Once you've got a good cURLpp development 'environment' setup, it shouldn't be too hard to cut and try different cURLpp features and code.


Running LT Spice under Linux (Ubuntu) with Wine

  • Posted on: 17 August 2014

I used to use Linear Technology's LT Spice quite often, but I haven't used it much since my semi-permanent and complete switch to Linux. I thought I'd try to install LT Spice under wine -- it turns out, it works pretty well!

For the record, I installed Wine 4.21q under Linux Lubuntu 14.04. The video of the installation is shown below, followed by me fumbling my way through an Op Amp circuit -- hey, it's been a while.